Hello . We’re BITTTHEEZ, Your weight  loss terminal. Focused on helping clients slim down through exercise and dietary adjustments.


Meet the TEAM

Emily Shi Thu

BIITEZ Founder
Founder of BREEZE and Tiktok HIIT

BITTe’Ez Founder
DeFluer Jewellery Founder
Fitness Coach
Wellness Coach
Konga Certified Master Trainer
MNC Sole Fitness Trainer
Marketing & E-Commerce Double Major Degree Holder

> 6 years weight loss management experience

> Mentor to thousand of students and helped hundreds to lose weight successfully

> Professional weight loss knowledge, traits with raw food therapy

> Help countless postpartum mothers to regain their shape and improve their system

> Specialized in ladies consultation and help develop their determination and discipline during their weight loss journey

Wan San

Founder of BREEZE Fitness Dance.
Music educator & dance enthusiast.

Music & dance background since young. Trained in various dance style (ballet, contemporary, traditional and etc)
Experienced in performing on stage.
Got into fitness 5 years ago and realised the idea of movement + music in fitness is very similar to dancing. A vegetarian for 8 years but stronger than before, ever since fitness became part of my lifestyle.

I got to know BITT EZ through the founder, Coach Emily. Her enthusiasm and skyrocketing energy level are highly infectious, and definitely influenced me to be part of BIIT EZ! BITT EZ is a fitness program platform that allows me to incorporate my dance/music skills and creating my very own fitness program, Breeze. Things are easier when done in a group, just like with BITT coaches!

BITT EZ provides professional day-to-day guidance not only in your meals, but also together with various coaches in guiding & sweating with you via online. A short and concise program to kick start your journey anytime anywhere.

Coach Emily and myself understand that we can do more than just this. We wanted to design a program that combines Chinese Traditional Dance, Jazz and HIIT, with lowest interval but highest burning and toning effect. There I go “The Founder of Breeze”.

What is Breeze Fitness Dance?
It is an easy-to-follow workout even without dance background. Once you master the moves, you will be having a S figure in no time.
> Beginner friendly
> Enhance body balancing and flexibility
> Reduce abdominal fats
> Improves core and arms strength
> Intensive stretching
> Enhancing circulation to the Extremities
> Reduce lower body fats and water retention

Alex Lau

HIIT Trainer

Transforming people from Fat to Fit is my passion! Helping people look great and feel the way they want to is always my intention in life. Nevertheless, application an evidence-based approach towards coaching and educating in order to help people achieve their dream in physiques without spending endless hours in gym.

If you are a beginner, struggling with weight management, feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and helpless. Don’t worry! I am here to help. Because I was once a beginner and failed before!

I strongly believe that health and fitness should be:


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is my profession. From the name itself you could feel the power of it. With it, I had simplify and redesigned it in order to help beginners to catch on easily.

I met Coach Emily (Founder of BITT EZ) who inspired me to started my career in fitness. Her philosophy to engage in BITT EZ is to lose weight smartly and healthily without using any weight loss products or meal replacement. I see the passion in her, her enthusiasm and her energy in BITT EZ. Her vision is perfectly match with my goal and therefore I am honoured to be part of her team in BITT EZ to enhanced the lose weight online program as well as to benefits to all BITT EZ’s members.



We have a team of professional fat loss experts who provide personalized fat loss plans and expert guidance to clients.

No Products or Medications

Our weight loss program does not rely on any weight loss products or medications to ensure that clients achieve their weight loss goals safely.

No Meal Replacements, No Starvation

Our program does not require clients to use meal replacements or endure starvation. We emphasize healthy eating and scientifically balanced nutrition to help clients achieve their weight loss goals while enjoying delicious food.

Supervision and Evaluation

Our coaches monitor and evaluate clients’ diet, weight and body changes on a daily basis to ensure they receive effective guidance and support throughout their weight loss journey.

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