Transform Your Body’s Shape in Just 15 Days – NO Pills, NO Supplements, NO Meal Replacement , NO Injections

Testifying Obese Root

Hormonal Imbalance Tips

Lean & Tone S Shape Treatment

Lower Body Fat Solution

Aids For Detoxification

Effective Weight Loss, Personalized Workouts

99% success rate , close to 0% rebound in only 15 days.


NO Product /Meal Replacement

Guide you how to lose weight smartly and healthily without using any weight loss products or meal replacements . Most importantly, you are definitely able to see results in 15 days

Provide Customized Meal Plan

We designed and customized the meal plans to cater for your daily lifestyle. Choose from a variety of selected foods to form your meal and follow guided portion.

Snack Tips

There will be varieties of  choose from while consistently able to lose fats.

Working ?No time to cook and only able to dine out? No worry!

We always emphasize

We have targeted solutions. As long as you follow the diet, you can lose weight even if you eat out.

Learn and Share in the Group

Very inspiring group with all program mates in it. You can post your daily fat-reducing diet in the group and the coach will evaluate and also refer to other program mates experiences and thoughts. Interaction in the group is very powerful as it will help to strengthen ones determination and discipline.

Personal Coaching

Your personal coach will guide you throughout the entire process and provide valuable feedbacks time OR whenever needed.

Achieve an S-Shaped Figure with our  

Customized Fitness Routine

Our specially designed aerobics will lead you on the road to an S-shaped figure, creating a perfect figure for you, which is simple and efficient. Through our specially designed aerobics, you will enjoy the guidance and support of professional coaches and unique training methods.


Konga is a very effective fat-burning exercise where you can burn approximately 800 calories in one session. The movements are super easy to follow, even a novice or  person with no sports experience can easily pick up.

REMEMBER: “It’s only 15 days, I can!”


 BREEZE is an easy-to-follow workout even without dance background. Once you master the moves, you will be having a S figure in no time.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a training protocol alternating short periods of intense or explosive anaerobic exercise with brief recovery periods 

While it only takes 15 days to lose fat and be slimmer with toner body figure, you will definitely regain self confidence and find more colors life.

The program is very simple and stress-free. If you want to give yourself another time of ownership of your life. Get in touch with us now!


Annual Program

Commit to your weight loss journey with our Annual Program, a comprehensive plan designed to help you achieve your fitness goals sustainably. With personalized nutrition guidance, tailored workouts, and ongoing support, you'll stay motivated and on track throughout the year.

Personal Training

Our personal training program adopts a face-to-face teaching model, allowing you to communicate directly with your trainer and receive instant feedback and guidance. During the training process, our trainer will closely observe your movements and performance, adjusting the training plan based on your feedback and progress to ensure that you train with the correct posture and achieve the best training results. This intimate interaction and professional support will be a powerful motivation for you on your fitness journey, helping you achieve better training results.

Cooperate Event

We provide aerobic dance event services to add fun and energy to your corporate events! Whether it's a company annual meeting, team-building activity, or other business events, we can tailor aerobic dance programs to ensure participants enjoy the fun of exercise, enhance the event atmosphere, and foster team cohesion among employees.


Emily Shi Thu

BITT EZ Founder
BREEZE Fitness Dance Founder
KONGA Certified Master Trainer

BITT EZ Founder
DeFluer Jewellery Founder
Fitness Coach
Wellness Coach
KONGA Certified Master Trainer
MNC Sole Fitness Trainer
Marketing & E Commerce Double Major Degree Holder

> 6 Years Weight Loss Management Experience

> Own weight loss experiences, helped hundreds to lose weight successfully

> Mentor to thousands of students and customers

> Professional weight loss knowledge, traits with raw food therapy

> Help countless postpartum mothers to regain their shape and improve their system

> Have profession in ladies consultation and helped hundreds to overcome their determination and discipline issue during their weight loss journey

Wan San

BREEZE Fitness Dance Founder
Music Educator & Dance Enthusiast

Music & dance background since young. Trained in various dance style (ballet, contemporary, traditional and etc)
Experienced in performing on stage.
Got into fitness 5 years ago and realised the idea of movement + music in fitness is very similar to dancing. A vegetarian for 8 years but stronger than before, ever since fitness became part of my lifestyle.

I got to know BITT EZ through the founder, Coach Emily. Her enthusiasm and skyrocketing energy level are highly infectious, and definitely influenced me to be part of BITT EZ! BITT EZ is a fitness program platform that allows me to incorporate my dance/music skills and creating my very own fitness program, Breeze. Things are easier when done in a group, just like with BITT coaches!

BITT EZ provides professional day-to-day guidance not only in your meals, but also together with various coaches in guiding & sweating with you via online. A short and concise program to kick start your journey anytime anywhere.

Coach Emily and myself understand that we can do more than just this. We wanted to design a program that combines Chinese Traditional Dance, Jazz and HIIT, with lowest interval but highest burning and toning effect. There I go “The Founder of Breeze”.

What is BREEZE Fitness Dance?
It is an easy-to-follow workout even without dance background. Once you master the moves, you will be having an S figure in no time.
> Beginner friendly
> Enhance body balancing and flexibility
> Reduce abdominal fats
> Improves core and arms strength
> Intensive stretching
> Enhancing circulation to the Extremities
> Reduce lower body fats and water retention

Alex Lau

HIIT Trainer

Transforming people from Fat to Fit is my passion! Helping people look great and feel the way they want to is always my intention in life. Nevertheless, application an evidence-based approach towards coaching and educating in order to help people achieve their dream in physiques without spending endless hours in gym.

If you are a beginner, struggling with weight management, feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and helpless. Don’t worry! I am here to help. Because I was once a beginner and failed before!

I strongly believe that health and fitness should be:


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is my profession. From the name itself you could feel the power of it. With it, I had simplify and redesigned it in order to help beginners to catch on easily.

I met Coach Emily (Founder of BITT EZ) who inspired me to started my career in fitness. Her philosophy to engage in BITT EZ is to lose weight smartly and healthily without using any weight loss products or meal replacement. I see the passion in her, her enthusiasm and her energy in BITT EZ. Her vision is perfectly match with my goal and therefore I am honoured to be part of her team in BITT EZ to enhanced the lose weight online program as well as to benefits to all BITT EZ’s members.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Will I faced rebound?

No. We don’t encourage using products in our program as we do not want to be dependent on them. The consequences if we stop using products would be double or triple the impact of someone who do not use any products. By then, not only money will be wasted, all effort and time will go to waste. Our program is also designed for present-day people, where we emphasize to take natural food (not processed food) as we will be able to monitor calories  intake from there. However, you will learn how to portioned your meal rather than calculating your calories. Our intention is to cultivate ones how to eat smart and right while losing weight at the fastest pace. Once you got the hang of the program, you will shrink and shape faster than you can ever imagine. Most importantly, you can the self-managed and self-maintained your weight going forward. NO CHANCE for rebound unless you change your lifestyle totally.

Can postpartum cesarean mother join?

If you have just given birth, you must let the wound heal for at least 2 months before you begin any exercise. However, you can first join and learn how to eat smart. Within 15-days, you can expect to lose weight just by eating following the right meal plan. The golden period for postpartum mother’s body restoration is within 6 months after giving birth.

Must I follow the suggested meal plan?

If you have any food allergies after reading the meal plan, you must let the coach know. Your coach will help to customize your meal plan from there on. If you simply don’t want to follow the meal plan but prefer to follow your own way, then you are not ready to lose weight yet. In fact, you don’t need a coach if your method works. Good news is that the meal plan has no bland food. It’s not just salad and boiled chicken breast. Our unique menu even allow you to dine out so you won’t feel left out when dining with friends. Must believe in the potential of the program.

Can I have alcohol in the program?

Theoretically, if you want to lose weight quicker, then avoid alcohol during this weight loss period. Alcohol is very high in sugar and calories which will definitely slow down your weight loss. However, we understand, at times, alcohol is inevitable especially when job require ones to socialize. Therefore, the coaches will be understanding as long as you show commitment and effort to follow at least 80% of the meal plan and join the online workout. Remember, many of our customers succeeded, so can you.

I have never workout before. Is it hard? Do I really need to workout? Do I have to go in to the live session every time?

In this 15-day weight loss program, 8 days of online trait exercise are arranged. Research have shown that Konga is most suitable for newbies, people who are least flexible, those who has poor hands and feet coordination as well as people who don’t how to dance at all. As long as you enjoy rhythmic songs, you want to relax, and you want to lose weight quickly; you can overcome it. For the remaining, let the coach help you. During the 8 classes, as long as you are not physically hurt, try to enjoy and free yourself. We are not training for military. Relax 😛

I am already 49 years old, can the workout be not so intense?

The eldest participant we ever had was 59 years old. Not only that, she has successfully lost 10 kilograms shedding from from XXL to L in a very short period of time. The intensity from working out with KONGA is very flexible as the coaches will make adjustments to cater for your physical fitness and age. 

Can I don't join the chat group? I have too many group, it's too annoying! If anything can't you just PM me?

Our chat groups are used to make it easy for the coach to share the latest information or, if there are new secrets to the whole group at the same time. If you don’t join the group, you may have chance not receiving our latest updates . Again, groups have another purpose which even who you just met online can encourage each other and work together in the program journey side by side. For being in this industry for so long, for those ever take the initiative to stand out and encourage everyone,  they are all able to successfully lose weight in a short period of time. FYI, this is a reverse psychology, turning the words of helping others to yourself. After all sharing is caring.

My boy is still very young, I am not sure whether I have time for workout session. He needs me all the time. I need to also cook for my family. I don't think I have time to prep another dish according to the plan. Too busy!

First, don’t panic darling. We fully understand your concern. FYI to be frank, which is why this weight loss plan is what you really need. The weight loss journey can actually give us a lifestyle lesson. It is true that young children need the care of their mothers, however you must know how to take good care of themselves before they can take good care of the family. You have choices. Our workout sessions time has been set, you can arrange for family members to help take care of you for an hour in advance. 1 session takes only 1 hour. There are 24 hours in a day, and you deserve an hour for yourself. If it really doesn’t work, a suggestion for you. Bring the child with you workout together can also practice parent-child interaction. Coach will teach both kid and yourself to workout together. Well kid must be running around soon, but at least he is by your side and you can still keep an eye on him. Or…another suggestion, prepare some games and foods that he likes to eat and play with aside during your workout session. You able to workotu freely with him beside you. As for cooking, there is no need to make two courses because the menu is very friendly. If you have a need in this regard, please ask. The coach will teach you to use the lazy cooking method. If you can’t accept any of the above, then you may not be ready to lose weight. You are just not ready; It’s all good ya. It’s never too late to come back when you’re ready.


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